The Family Journeys Co-Lab


Housed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, the Family Journeys Co-Lab (FJ Co-Lab) aims to translate interdisciplinary research into programs designed to support children, their families, and the institutions that serve them. Our focus is on preventing harm and promoting well-being across the first three decades of life. 

Through collaborations (or Co-Labs) with scientists, providers, community partners, and families, we seek to create knowledge, tools, and programs that nurture healing and thriving, particularly in opportunity (formerly termed at-risk) contexts. 

The Co-Lab includes graduate students as well as undergraduate volunteers, interns, and work study students. We also collaborate with scholars at universities throughout NC and beyond.

Current doctoral students include Amanda Haik, Maku Orleans-Pobee, Rachel PetrieAdrianna Richards, and Jen Traver. Summer staff include Cabel Jarrett, Caitlyn Esparza, Ma'kylah Lucas, and Maria Sanchez. Fall undergraduate volunteers include Connor Chinnici, Lily Linton, Juliana Tovar, Emily Harper, and Hayden Rutkowski. The co-lab is directed by Dr. Andrea Hussong.

As a Co-Lab, we highly value different perspectives and diversity in all forms. To learn more about how we embody that commitment, see our code of conduct.