Our research uncovers development resilience to develop and evaluate community-partnered programs.
Science for healing & beyond.
Directed by 
Dr. andrea hussong, UNC-CH
Our consultation encompasses methods, developmental science, and empirically-guided programming.
Our dissemination efforts range from public presentations to scientific and Contiuning Education workshops.
Working with children, youth, families, and the institutions who serve them.

New and Upcoming

Presenting at MICMAH February 10th
Andrea will be joining the incredible line-up for the Miami International Child Adolescent Mental Health Conference to talk about resilience and healing in youth and fostering positive youth development.
Mini-Conference February 27th 
Join us for the Recovery and Resilience among Children and Youth mini-conference, co-sponsored by the Child and Family Research Network and the Care-to-Share Collaborative.
NC SE AHEC Workshop March 2nd
At this workshop in Greenville, NC, Andrea will discuss research and practice implications from studies of developmental pathways leading to addiction. 
The parenting of adolescents and young adults in the United States.
This chapter with Allegra Midgette and Andrew Rothenberg (2023) appears in the APA Handbook of Adolescent and Young Adult Development, edited by Crockett, Carlo, & Schulenberg.
Information harmonization decisions in Integrative Data Analysis: Exploring the measurement multiverse
Work led by Veronica Cole explores new tools in Integrative Data Analysis in this Prevention Science (2022) publication.
Targeting the needs of families in recovery for addiction with young children
This qualitative analysis in Children and Youth Services Review (2022) with Julia Shadur and Joseph Sircar explores what adults in recovery need to support parenting as part of treatment.