ICDSS COVID-19 Global Scholars Program

The ICDSS COVID-19 Global Scholars Program was originally sponsored by the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA), the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) and the Family Journeys Co-Lab (FJC) and then the International Consortium for Developmental Science Societies. The goal of the fellowship was to build a community of early career scholars engaged in understanding the impact of COVID-19 experiences on short- and long-term adolescent development. We used a team mentoring approach to bring expertise, international collaboration, data opportunities, and research projects to support our scholars in independent and cross-national investigations. 

Advisory Board Members:  Mulat Asnake (Ethiopia), Aprile Benner (USA), Alexia Carrizales (USA), Susan Branje (Netherlands), Jeff Cookston (USA), Gizen Erdem (Turkey), Andrea Hussong (USA), Jen Lansford (USA), Leunita Makutsa Makila (Kenya), Lucia Magis Weinberg (USA), Velma McBride Murry (USA), Ersilia Menesini (Italy), Amanda Sheffield Morris (USA), Suman Verma (India)

For an introduction to the amazing work of this remarkable group of scholars, see THIS VIDEO. For a directory of mentors and mentees, see this LINK.