SRA COVID-19 Global Scholars Program

The SRA COVID-19 Global Scholars Program is sponsored by the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA), the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) and the Family Journeys Co-Lab (FJC). The goal of the fellowship is to build a community of early career scholars engaged in understanding the impact of COVID-19 experiences on short- and long-term adolescent development. We use a team mentoring approach to bring expertise, international collaboration, data opportunities, and research projects to support our scholars in independent and cross-national investigations. Scholars may access resources and information about the program through the links below. 

Upcoming Training Events

You will receive emails to register for and attend events online.
Dates and Times Event
November 11th 7-9am ESTIntegrative Data Analysis Workshop - Part 1 (Andrea)
November 18th 7-9am ESTIntegrative Data Analysis Workshop - Part 2 (Andrea)
December 2nd 10-11am ESTMentor Virtual Gathering
December TBDMentee Flash Talks
January 9th 7-amam ESTGrant Writing Workshop (Jen Lansford)
February TBDMentee Flash Talks
March 13th 7-11am ESTRegression - Advanced Topics (Veronica Cole)
April TBDQualitative Analysis
May TBDMentee Flash Talks
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Details on Seed Grants for SRA COVID-19 Global Scholars
This is a password-protected Discussion Board for mentors and mentees in the program to exchange ideas.
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