Students Interested in Joining Us?

We regulary have students involved in our work as volunteers, interns (through the Psychology 395 independent studies course), and work study.  We also have had students from the McNair Scholars program and the UNC Carolina Covenant Scholars program.  Unless otherwise posted, we do not have open paid RA positions at this time.  

Students engaged with the lab join a current ongoing project and work with other students and graduate supervisors on research studies. Because we do community-engaged work, this may include research communications and outreach as well as more traditional Psychology research tasks like literature reviews, data management and collection, participant scheduling and recruitment, and study creation.  We are typically not able to work with students whose interests do not align with the work in which we are engaged but encourage those students to find others in the department who may be a better fit as a mentor.  We are always interested in fostering diversity in our research group, along many lines, so our door is open to all.  

To learn more, browse our website for a sense of the work we do and submit an application (below).  If you have not hear back from Dr. Hussong within a week of submitting, then contact her directly at  

Student Queries