ICDSS/SRA Global Scholars Event & Pre-Conference for SRA 2024
Global Perspectives on Developmental Science to Address Adolescent Resilience & Well-Being in the Face of Sociocultural and Ecological Challenge

The event will be held in conjunction with the Society for Research on Adolescence 2024 annual meeting. Entitled Today’s Innovations: Tomorrow’s Insights, the SRA annual meeting will highlight research regarding how the challenges facing youth in the 21st century require creative and visionary solutions.This Global Perspectives on Youth Resilience meeting will occur as a pre-conference, preparing scholars to view the entire meeting through the lens of global collaborative research.

ONLINE ACCESS to pre-conference program is now available.

DETAILS:  Wednesday, April 17th at the Chicago Hyatt from 9am-4:15pm CT 

This pre-conference aims to:
  • integrate cutting-edge global research regarding socio-cultural, contextual, and ecological challenges confronting today’s adolescents and guide policies, programs, and practices that best support resilience and well-being in youth
  • introduce and provide training in resource-and-expertise-sharing strategies that translate global approaches to the study of adolescent resilience in ways that benefit families and communities locally
  • increase awareness of the value of establishing a global research agenda for the Developmental Science of Adolescence among both US and non-US scholars as a pathway to enhance our understanding of commonalities and differences in youth resilience and well-being
  • support early and mid-career global scholars in identifying and overcoming barriers to international research - particularly in terms of collaboration, funding, and publishing
  • disseminate a manualized, scalable “best practices” approach to conference training by evaluating and expanding research and mentorship models capable of advancing a global collaborative Developmental Science of Adolescence.
  • We encourage in-person attendance whenever possible to take full advantage of the program and networking opportunities. Registration for the in-person pre-conference takes place during the registration process for the SRA 2024 annual meeting.  Note that the pre-conference fee coveries facilities as well as a boxed lunch, to allow for greater interaction with others throughout the day.
  • For those unable to attend in-person, a truncated program will be webcast with online interaction opportunities. To register for the online option, please register HERE with further details to follow. 
  • Contact Dr. Andrea Hussong for questions after March 1st when all program details will be released.
  • Thanks to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development for their support of this conference though R13HD115387 and to those who supported our international online support of this conference through their GoFundMe donations!


Opening Remarks 
Charissa Cheah, PhD; SRA President-Elect 

Panel-Led Discussion I: Lessons Learned from Global Studies of COVID-19 and Adolescents   
Invited presenters include Stephen Asatsa, PhD; Carmen Kealy, PhD; Lucia Magis-Weinberg, PhD; Chidozie Nwafor, PhD; Ingrid Schoon, PhD; Suman Verma, PhD Break and Interaction Opportunity 

Flash Talks: Global Studies of Adolescent Resilience in the Context of Sociocultural and Ecological Threat 

Lunch and Engagement Activities 

Panel-Led Discussion II: Towards a Decolonial Developmental Science: Exploring Adolescent Development in Communities from the Majority World   
Invited Presenters include Lixian Cui, PhD; Vaishali Raval, PhD 

Panel-Led Discussion III: Building International Collaborative Science & The ICDSS/SRA Global Scholars Program   
Presenters include Velma McBride Murry, PhD; Suman Verma, PhD; Andrea Hussong, PhD; ICDSS Global Scholars Panel 

Charissa Cheah, PhD; SRA President-Elect