Research Tools and Programs

Gratitude Conversations

 We developed this program to provide parents and caretakers with skills to foster gratitude in their children, particulary pre-teens and teens. We know there are many ways to foster gratitude in children and that these skills may not be the best fit for everyone. We hope that you accept them in the spirit in which they are offered – as another tool for your growing parent toolbox. Thanks for your interest in our program and in joining us for this adventure in parenting..  You may access the program handout to follow along with the program HERE.

The Good Gifts Program

The Good Gifts program is a four-session group program designed for opporutnity youth to explore their own gifts and how to share those with others through gratitude, generosity and hope. The Program was developed by Peter Samuelson and Karen Kingsley (Sr. Director of Youth and Family) at Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSS), in collaboration with Brandy Olson. Funding for this project was provided by Baylor University in collaboration with the John Templeton Foundation, awarded to Dr. Peter Samuelson (PI) and Dr. Andrea Hussong (Co-PI). 

Parenting Adolescents in an Increasingly Diverse World

Through a grant from the Society for Research on Adolescence, we convened a US faculty working group to review prevailing theory regarding parenting and adolescents. We provide resources supporting the special issue on Journal of Research on Adolescence on Parenting Adolescents in an Increasingly Diverse World as well as videos and class study guides at the link below.