Care-to-Share 2022-2023 Series

Our annual series featured three events in which scholars and community partners were invited to come together to focus on recovery and resilience in children and youth.  In October, we had a kick-off speaker and faculty discussion session followed in the spring by a mini-conference and then by a community partner event hosted at El Futuro in Durham, NC.  More details about our mini-conference are below.
MINI-CONFERENCE.  We held a mini-conference on Recovery and Resilience among Child and Youth on February 27th from 9am-5pm on the UNC Greensboro campusThis event was open to academics and community providers and sponsored by the Care-to-Share Collaborative and Child and Family Research Network and featured scholars engaged in translational and community-based science as well as student work. In the last three years, societal stress and trauma exposure have become even more rampant. Although children, youth and families are struggling with increasing mental health, academic, and developmental challenges, scholars and those working with youth in our communities have noted some silver linings and evidence of resilience. Understanding how children, youth, families and the institutions who serve them weather times of crisis and strain and recover in the face of challenge is key to supporting children. Attention to cultural variation and how such challenges are compounded for children and youth from marginalized communities is essential to identifying key developmental processes that inform the next generation of prevention, intervention, and educational programming. Speakers and attendee conversations will address resilience and recovery for youth, children, families and the institutions who serve them in times of adversity and challenge.  

Program and Featured Speakers

Dr. Jessica Schleider, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology, Stony Brook University
Scaling Single-Session Intervention to Bridge Gaps in Mental Health Ecosystems

Dr. April Harris-Britt, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
AHB Center for Behavioral Health and Wellness
Detangiling the Pandemic Impacts and Strategies for Wellness Moving Forward

Dr. Michael Hemphill

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, UNC Greensboro
The Possibilities and Limitations of School-Based Restorative Justice

Dr. Betsy Bledsoe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Social Work, UNC-CH
Promoting Resilience in Rural Children Through Community Based Participatory Research on Maternal Health and Emotional Wellbeing: Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Dr. Desiree Murray, Ph.D.

Senior Reserach Scientist, Center for Helath Promotion and Disease Prevention & Associate Research Professor, School of Education, UNC-CH
Mindfulness-Based Programming in Schools for Promoting Resilience among Diverse Students

Dr. Sharon Morrison, Ph.D.

Professor, Dept of Public Health Education UNC G and HHS Community Engaged Research Fellow
Triumphs and Tripwires of Diverse Youth Development through Community Engaged Research
To our speakers and student presenters who made the conference a success.