SRA COVID-19 Global Scholars

Seed Grant Description

SRA Small Grants Program for COVID-19 Global Scholars 

Early career scholars accepted into the SRA COVID-19 Global Scholars program are invited to submit applications for small grants to support research concerning the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adolescent development.  

These non-renewable grants of up to $10,000 USD are available on a competitive basis. The funding priorities for these grants include a proposed project that: 
  1. Exemplifies exceptional scientific merit, 
  2. Will contribute to the applicant’s competitiveness for external funding and/or career advancement, and 
  3. Advances our understanding of pandemic impacts on adolescent development. 
  4. Proposals to fund collaborations between COVID19 Global Scholars are highly encouraged. 

Grantee Expectations: 
  1. Acquire all necessary ethics approvals for the research project from their university before the start of the data collection (e.g., Institutional Review Board approval). 
  2. Complete interim and final reports. 
  3. Complete projects within 18 months of funding, including submitting a manuscript for publication.
  4. Present results of their projects in an upcoming SRA meeting. 
  5. When possible, grantees must register data with the COVID-19 Adolescent Development DataVerse (CADD). 

Proposal materials 

  1. Application Form (via submission portal above) 
  2. Description of proposed research (Microsoft Word). Criteria includes: 
  • A limit of 1000 words, excluding references, o    Overview of research question, motivation, and hypotheses, 
  • Description of method or approach and proposed analysis plan 
  • Timeline and feasibility of proposed research activities,
  • Anticipated impact of the grant (e.g., pilot data for a grant proposal, publishable manuscript; placement or promotion of the applicant), and
  • Relevance of proposed activity to the scholars program goals. 

3. Itemized budget and budget justification (PDF or Microsoft Word) 
  • Please list each budget item with an accompanying explanation about how the budget expense (item per item) will be used to help with the completion of the project. Be sure to justify all expenses (no minimum, maximum of $10,000 USD). Also, please provide any other sources of funding for this project. 
  • Note regarding budget: The award must be used to support expenses that are directly needed for the completion of the project (e.g., equipment/software, participant compensation, travel for data collection). This may include professional travel or salary  support for research staff. Salary support for faculty is not permitted. All expenses must be justified as needed for the completion of the project. Please also be aware that SRA does not pay for indirect costs associated with institutions.
4. CV (PDF or Microsoft Word) 
  • CVs are required for every Principal Investigator (PI). 
  • Proposals to fund collaborations between COVID-19 Global Scholars are highly encouraged. For collaborative proposals, please also include the CVs of all Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs). Co-PIs must be COVID-19 Global Scholars, though other collaborators may serve as investigators. 
  •  Deadline for Submissions April 13th, 2022 
  •  Decisions May 16th, 2022 
  •  Interim Report February 16th, 2023 
  •  End of Funding Period (18 months) 
  •  November 16th, 2023 
  •  Final Report December 16th, 2023 
  Deadline for Submissions: Wednesday, April 13th at 11:59pm EST