COVID and Development

Wellness Workshops & Dissemination

We have provided wellness workshops and consultation with university services regarding supporting youth mental health and wellness through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Projects

We study child and family development through COVID-19 regarding mental health and related outcomes from early adoelscence to young adulthood. See recent publications.

NC Care to Share Partnerships

The Co-Lab partners with CFRN at UNC-G and the Carolina Seminars program to convene the Care to Share Network - a group of academics and community partners identifying breaking concerns and youth needs regarding mental health and COVID-19.

ICDSS Global COVID-19 Scholars Program

The Co-Lab supports work by the Society for Research on Adolescence (with funding from the Templeton Foundation) to support a COVID-19 and Adolescent Development Dataverse and the SRA COVID-19 International Eary Career Scholars Network.
Adolescence Amid a Pandemic: 
Short- and Long-Term Implications. 

HUSSONG, A.M., BENNER, A.D., ERDEM, G., LANSFORD, J.E., MAKUTSA MAKILA, L., PETRIE, R.C., & THE SRA COVID RESPONSE TEAM. (2021). Invited Commentary. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 31: 820-825.