COVID and Adolescent Development:
A Global DataVerse (CADD)

Supported by the Society for Research on Adolescence, The John Templeton Foundation, and The Family Journeys Co-Lab

What is the CADD?

We are a global community of scholars who seek to understand the current and long-term impact of COVID on youth development around the world and to use that information to support resilience and healing in diverse communities. 

We invite all scholars interested in youth development and COVID to engage in collaborations either by advertise opportunities for collaboration in CADD and/or by contacting those with relevant data and opportunites to pursue collaboration. 

Video Introduction to CADD

Learn about ways to use and the purpose of the Covid-19 and Adolescent Development Dataverse (CADD).
Advertising your Data
List your data in CADD or include an entry to point to your data description archived in a different dataverse.
Searching CADD
Search for data sets that fit with your interests or to combine for integrated analyses.
CADD Code of Conduct
Guidelines for engaging in collaborative research with respect for scientists and the people we serve.
Tools for Collaboration
Additional resources related to CADD and engaging in effective research collaborations.